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[DM] 7.7.3 Construction (of text nodes) from an Infoset David Carlisle (Thursday, 29 July)

RE: [XSLT 2.0] key/@as Michael Kay (Wednesday, 28 July)

well-known namespace prefixes Howard Katz (Tuesday, 27 July)

[F&O]: Result of arithmetic involving Inf Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 27 July)

page-position="Last" problem Sema Atavi (Monday, 26 July)

XQuery and XSLT WGs publish five interim Working Drafts Jonathan Robie (Monday, 26 July)

[F&O] Broken link to image in current draft David Carlisle (Monday, 26 July)

[XPath] 3.2.1 Steps: fn:get-namespace-uri-for-prefix David Carlisle (Monday, 26 July)

[F&O] Section 15.2 FS references David Carlisle (Monday, 26 July)

[F&O] Section 15.3 deep equal examples David Carlisle (Monday, 26 July)

[F&O] Sections 14/15: assume an XQuery David Carlisle (Monday, 26 July)

[general] length of specifications Martin Duerst (Tuesday, 20 July)

RE: [Serial] additional last call comment about xml:lang Martin Duerst (Tuesday, 20 July)

[Removed - forged post with attachments]: Norman.Walsh (Tuesday, 20 July)

[F&O] CER-09 xs:double parameters to fn:substring Ashok Malhotra (Thursday, 15 July)

ORA-FO-250-B: Inconsistent types for $position in various functions. Ashok Malhotra (Thursday, 15 July)

ORA-FO-182-B: function names are too long Ashok Malhotra (Thursday, 15 July)

[F&O] IBM-FO-036: Inconsistent parameter types Ashok Malhotra (Thursday, 15 July)

[F&O] CER-08 position-of Ashok Malhotra (Wednesday, 14 July)

[F&O] CER-10 extract-match Ashok Malhotra (Wednesday, 14 July)

Re: [XSLT2.0] Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments [6] Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments [22] Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: ORA-SE-300-B: Implementation-defined output methods need not normalize Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: ORA-SE-308-C: What circumstances are meant by "in all other circumstances"? Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: [Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-001 Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: [Serialization] SCHEMA-D Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: [Serialization] IBM-SE-010: Namespace nodes after round-trip Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

[public-qt-comments] <none> Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

Re: Serialization (sometimes) needs to include type information Henry Zongaro (Tuesday, 13 July)

One more typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements drkm (Sunday, 11 July)

Another typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements drkm (Sunday, 11 July)

Typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements drkm (Sunday, 11 July)

FS comments by Microsoft Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] Editorial comments on section 7 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-107 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-104 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-094 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-093 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-092 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-091 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-090 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-086 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-083 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-085 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-082 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-079 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-076 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-078 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-074 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-071 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-072 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-073 Michael Rys (Friday, 9 July)

[XSLT 2.x] XSLT support for document collections Paul Rabin (Thursday, 1 July)

[F&O] IBM-FO-104: Description of substring matching should account for ignorable collations units Ashok Malhotra (Tuesday, 6 July)

[FO] MS-FO-LC2-004 Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

F&O Which types are primitive types? Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

[F+O] Rename component-from-duration() functions Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

[F&O] IBM-FO-015: xdt:untypedAtomic is not a numeric type Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

[F+O] Type conversion in concat() Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

[F&O] IBM-FO-105: \0 should be prohibitied as a back reference in regular expressions Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 5 July)

ORA-FO-188-B: no defined relationship between fn:current-date and fn:current-dateTime Ashok Malhotra (Sunday, 4 July)

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