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[DM] 7.7.3 Construction (of text nodes) from an Infoset

[F&O] Broken link to image in current draft

[F&O] CER-08 position-of

[F&O] CER-09 xs:double parameters to fn:substring

[F&O] CER-10 extract-match

[F&O] IBM-FO-015: xdt:untypedAtomic is not a numeric type

[F&O] IBM-FO-036: Inconsistent parameter types

[F&O] IBM-FO-104: Description of substring matching should account for ignorable collations units

[F&O] IBM-FO-105: \0 should be prohibitied as a back reference in regular expressions

[F&O] Section 15.2 FS references

[F&O] Section 15.3 deep equal examples

[F&O] Sections 14/15: assume an XQuery

[F&O]: Result of arithmetic involving Inf

[F+O] Rename component-from-duration() functions

[F+O] Type conversion in concat()

[FO] MS-FO-LC2-004

[FS] Editorial comments on section 7

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-071

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-072

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-073

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-074

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-076

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-078

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-079

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-082

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-083

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-085

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-086

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-090

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-091

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-092

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-093

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-094

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-104

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-107

[general] length of specifications

[public-qt-comments] <none>

[Removed - forged post with attachments]:

[Serial] additional last call comment about xml:lang

[Serial] I18N WG last call comments [22]

[Serial] I18N WG last call comments [6]

[Serialization] IBM-SE-010: Namespace nodes after round-trip

[Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-001

[Serialization] SCHEMA-D

[XPath] 3.2.1 Steps: fn:get-namespace-uri-for-prefix

[XSLT 2.0] key/@as

[XSLT 2.x] XSLT support for document collections


Another typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements

F&O Which types are primitive types?

FS comments by Microsoft

One more typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements

ORA-FO-182-B: function names are too long

ORA-FO-188-B: no defined relationship between fn:current-date and fn:current-dateTime

ORA-FO-250-B: Inconsistent types for $position in various functions.

ORA-SE-300-B: Implementation-defined output methods need not normalize

ORA-SE-308-C: What circumstances are meant by "in all other circumstances"?

page-position="Last" problem

Serialization (sometimes) needs to include type information

Typo in XPath 2.0 Requirements

well-known namespace prefixes

XQuery and XSLT WGs publish five interim Working Drafts

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