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1.1 spec correction for unspecified submission method

4 Actions done, 1.1 spec updated, test suite impact

5 Actions dones

A possible newsletter

Ability to suppress rebuild-recalculate-revalidate-refresh on submission completion

Action for all: Web conferencing with Yugma and Unyte

Action: Test Cases passing only 1 implementation

AGENDA: Feb 2009 Face to Face Meeting of the W3C Forms WG (first draft)

Any objections or concerns about styles for common spec features?

Assessing interest in November W3C Tech Plenary/AC Meetings Week (response needed by 18 March)

Bugs in XForms 1.1 Test Suite Section "10. XForms Actions"

Draft minutes for 2009-02-18

Draft minutes for 2009-02-25

Error in test 7.11.2.b ?

Found some more errors in the XF 11 test suite

Fwd: Any objections or concerns about styles for common spec features?

Implementation/test case triage (latest)

Implementation/test case triage (per review 2009-02-05 and 2009-02-09)

Implementation/test case triage (per review 2009-02-05 thru 2009-02-10)

Issue with test 10.3.j

Issue with test 11.11.1.a

Issue with test 11.11.3.b

Issues with test 11.11.2.a

It seems I misread the spec regarding SOAP bindings

Leaving the Working Group

Location/address Forms FtF @ google

Minutes Virtual FtF, 5 February 2009

Moved actions inside the model for all Appendix B tests

Problems in XForms 1.1 test suite

Question about action item Action 2009-02-25.6 and 11.9.4.b.

Question about lazy authoring

Question about the XForms 1.1 test suite related to if()

Question about xforms:instance @src/@resource and inline instance

Regrets for this week's call as well as the virtual day

Revised Face to face agenda Feb 2009

Same content-type issue for 11.11.3.e

separator default for urlencoded-post versus application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Strawman XForms Data Layer spec


TELECON AGENDA - 25 Feb 2009


Test 3.3.2.h and use of xforms:output/xforms:label without binding/value

Test Case Changes

Test Case Changes for tests passing on NO implementations

Test for relevance pruning before validation

Test for using submission to validate data

Update needed for 4.7.c [was: RE: Question about lazy authoring]

Updated Face-to-Face Agenda

Updated list of action items 2008-02-02

Updated list of action items 2009-02-21

Updated list of action items 2009-02-26

Web page news and table of deliverables updated

XF11 test suite updates

XForms 1.1 editor draft updated again

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