Test for using submission to validate data

Step 4 of xforms-submit processing performs validation, producing a 
validation-error if any data to be submitted is invalid.

Step 5 obtains the resource URI of the submission, and produces a 
resource-error if the resource is not specified.

This sequence of behaviors allows an author to use a resource-less 
submission to perform data validation without the risk of a server 
submission, which we make note of in the spec [1].

[1] http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/specs/XForms1.1/index-diff.html

The attached should be added as a test to ensure the submission processing 
happens in the specified order.

The data contains a required but empty node that is also non-relevant.
The first submission turns off relevance pruning, so the required but 
empty node should flag a validation-error.
The second submission uses the default of relevance pruning, so the data 
is valid, but the submission has no resource, which should produce a 
By testing the error-type, the author can find out if data is invalid. 
Further, by using @ref on the submission, one can ask the question of any 
part of the data.

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