1.1 spec correction for unspecified submission method

At some time since CR, it was noticed that we did not say what a 
submission would do if the resource URI was not specified, and we have 
corrected the 1.1 spec to say that you get an xforms-submit-error with 
error-type of resource-error

I was doing a code review on Ubiquity XForms implementation of the method 
element, and noticed that the 1.1 spec has the same problem for the 
method.  The spec says that one of the method attribute or method element 
must be specified, but it does not say what happens if the author violates 
the requirement.  It looks like a simple omission error, i.e. clearly you 
should ge tan xforms-submit-error with an error-type of method-error.

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Received on Wednesday, 18 February 2009 21:55:00 UTC