Question about the XForms 1.1 test suite related to if()


I was wondering if we could change all occurrences of the if() function to 
the choose() function in the test suite (except the one testing the if() 
function of course). This will allow Chiba, and probably Orbeon to pass a 
lot more tests, because these implementations use an XPath 2.0 processor 
and aren’t able to support the XForms if() function because ‘if’ is a 
language construct in XPath 2.0 (of the form if (true()) then ‘1’ else 
‘0’) and you aren’t allowed to have an if function even not in another 
This will also make our test suite future proof if we want to upgrade 
XForms to XPath 2.0.

If the group is ok with this change, I’m willing to do the work part.


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