Test 3.3.2.h and use of xforms:output/xforms:label without binding/value


This test in particular still uses the construct:


I am not sure why in the first place so many tests use this construct,
for two reasons:

1. There is usually a better alternative. Here, the label can be
    placed on the enclosing xforms:group.

2. It is not 100% clear to me that xforms:output show allow having no
    single-node binding AND no @value attribute, even though the spec
    does not explicitly disallow it. If the spec is to allow it, a note
    should be added to clarify this possibility, but even so the use
    case for this is not clear to me.

We changed a series of tests along those lines last week during the
f2f, and I recommend changing this particular test 3.3.2.h as well, to
use the form:

     <xforms:label>... </xforms:label>


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Received on Monday, 16 February 2009 18:58:50 UTC