Re: Question about lazy authoring

> Erik's point about amending the eval context of an xpath when their  
> is no context node would make a good feature/suggestion+test for  
> Section 7.2, except it is probably better for XForms 2.0 because in  
> XForms 1.x we have Xpath 1.0, which requires a context node as part  
> of the context.  I suppose we could make do if all current xpath 1.0  
> implementations allowed evaluation without a starting context node,  
> but this is probably not an issue we have to spend a lot of cycles  
> on right now.

Actually the strategy from XProc I mentioned in my last message  
specifically covers XPath 1.0, NOT XPath 2.0. So it would be a good  
fit for XForms 1.1.

To make it clearer: XProc says that the context is set to an empty  
document node. This is not the same as saying it is an empty sequence  
or an empty node-set: it is a node-set containing a single node, which  
is a document node without children.


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