Question about xforms:instance @src/@resource and inline instance


I seem to be missing something.

Checkin the 03 February 2009 version, it seems that XForms 1.1, allows
both @src and an inline instance, or an inline instance and @resource,
or possibly all three, at the same time.

Now I am puzzled as to the reason we need @resource at all, or both an
inline instance and @src/@resource.

The spec says in "1.5.1 Model and Instance" [1]:

"The instance element now has a resource attribute that allows
  instance data to be obtained from a URI only if the instance does not
  already contain data. By contrast, the src attribute overrides the
  inline content in an instance. The resource attribute is more useful
  in systems that must support save and reload of XForms-based

Since an error while handling @src causes form processing to halt, why
would anyone put an inline instance then?

Similarly, if an inline instance is present, why would anyone put the
@resource attribute in, since the inline instance will be used and
therefore @resource ignored?


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Received on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 03:24:06 UTC