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[dxwg] (dcat) Support the content negotiation for ld+json (#1215)

[dxwg] Add support for errata in Req track documents (e.g. DCAT) (#545)

[dxwg] Are we superseding DCAT 1 or not once DCAT 2 is a REC? (#1177)

[dxwg] Broken Creative Commons link (#1169)

[dxwg] Content negotiation for (#1196)

[dxwg] Created errata document (#1209)

[dxwg] DCAT 1 PID URI incorrect (#1182)

[dxwg] DCAT: Add reference to §13 / §13.1 / §13.2 (#1123)

[dxwg] DCAT: Proposal for an updated definition for the concept “dataset” (#1195)

[dxwg] Editorial fixes (#1200)

[dxwg] http or https in dcat:mediaType? (#1206)

[dxwg] Is one of dcat:accessURL, dcat:accessService and dcat:downloadURL required in a dcat:Distribution? (#1197)

[dxwg] Issue with dct:hasPart as described in DCAT (#1205)

[dxwg] MD_scope_codes link is dead (#1202)

[dxwg] new commits pushed by agbeltran

[dxwg] new commits pushed by dr-shorthair

[dxwg] new commits pushed by plehegar

[dxwg] new commits pushed by riccardoAlbertoni

[dxwg] no content-type charset value in header of (#1183)

[dxwg] Possible mismatch between the stated scope in the non-normative text and the vocabulary specification (#1186)

[dxwg] PR addressing #1176 (#1204)

[dxwg] PR changing config.js to enable "previous rec" and the link to the errata #1182 (#1208)

[dxwg] PR Fixing #1202 (#1203)

[dxwg] PR for issue 1182 (#1208)

[dxwg] Pull Request: correcting broken link to dcat errata page

[dxwg] Pull Request: Created errata document...

[dxwg] Pull Request: DCAT License cc-by 4.0 for vocabulary files

[dxwg] Pull Request: DCAT: Addressed #1123 + editorial fixes

[dxwg] Pull Request: Editorial nits for DCAT 2 release

[dxwg] Pull Request: PR addressing #1176

[dxwg] Pull Request: PR Fixing #1202

[dxwg] Pull Request: PR for issue 1182

[dxwg] Pull Request: Upstreaming tweaks applied to the REC

[dxwg] Review new DCTERMS version to check possible conflicts with DCAT2 (#1213)

[dxwg] small editorial change for dcat:Catalog definition (#1188)

[dxwg] User proper document license in W3C documents (#1192)

[dxwg] Values for dcterms:conformsTo of instances dcat:DataService (sparql endpoints, for example) (#1211)

Closed: [dxwg] Bad Geonames URL (#1176)

Closed: [dxwg] Broken Creative Commons link (#1169)

Closed: [dxwg] DCAT 1 PID URI incorrect (#1182)

Closed: [dxwg] DCAT: Add reference to §13 / §13.1 / §13.2 (#1123)

Closed: [dxwg] Editorial fixes (#1200)

Closed: [dxwg] Improved link to ISO codes (#1175)

Closed: [dxwg] MD_scope_codes link is dead (#1202)

Closed: [dxwg] Possible mismatch between the stated scope in the non-normative text and the vocabulary specification (#1186)

Closed: [dxwg] User proper document license in W3C documents (#1192)

DCMI: ISO 15836 Part 2 is published based on a revision of DCMI Metadata Terms

DXWG Plenary 2020-01-14T21:00:00

DXWG Plenary 2020-01-21T21:00:00

DXWG Plenary 2020-01-28T21:00:00

dxwg-ACTION-385: Ask w3c legal if we can use cc0 for the ontology given the wikipedia terms

dxwg-ACTION-386: Write to plh to ask about #1177 and the w3c actions/intentions

dxwg-ACTION-387: Write to the group to get discussion about repo splitting in preparation for a decision on 28 jan meeting

dxwg-ACTION-388: Send an email to the group about the publications deadline and w3c processes

dxwg-ACTION-389: Draft a pr with links to specific version of dc terms

dxwg-ACTION-390: Draft blog post for dcat2

License for DCAT vocabulary?

Publishing moratorium for first half of 2020

RDA versioning recommendations

using W3C errata process with multiple documents

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