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[BP - MET] - Metadata quality

[BP - MET] Fwd: Meta-data types

[minutes] 2014-06-06

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ACTION-44 - Vocabs Call

Agenda for our call tomorrow

Agenda for tomorrow's call

Agenda for tomorrow's working group call

BP Guidelines

dwbp-ISSUE-10: Data usage meaning

dwbp-ISSUE-11: Color challenges and requirements

dwbp-ISSUE-12: Add a table to summarize the requirements

dwbp-ISSUE-13: Improve Use case #1

dwbp-ISSUE-14: Improve Use case #2

dwbp-ISSUE-15: Improve Use case #3 and #4

dwbp-ISSUE-16: Improve Use case #5

dwbp-ISSUE-17: Improve Use case #6

dwbp-ISSUE-18: Review Use case #8

dwbp-ISSUE-19: Add requirements to Use case #10

dwbp-ISSUE-20: Review use cases organization - change the order

dwbp-ISSUE-21: Remove conformance section

dwbp-ISSUE-22: Include reference Use case #5

dwbp-ISSUE-23: Remove bio details

dwbp-ISSUE-24: Remove bio details

dwbp-ISSUE-25: Group and Radar Palarmentar

dwbp-ISSUE-26: Group and Radar Palarmentar

dwbp-ISSUE-27: Review requirements for metadata, license, provenance and vocabularies to include as data pubication principles

dwbp-ISSUE-28: Clarify requirements on metadata

dwbp-ISSUE-29: Clarify requirements on metadata

dwbp-ISSUE-2: Update PILOD use-case

dwbp-ISSUE-30: Change requirement's name: R-Persistent

dwbp-ISSUE-31: Define categories for the use cases based on the level of use cases details

dwbp-ISSUE-32: Create different categories for challenges or change the name for "Challenge"

dwbp-ISSUE-33: Remove requirements without motivation

dwbp-ISSUE-34: Review requirement: R-MetadataOpen

dwbp-ISSUE-35: Review requirement: R-GranularityMax

dwbp-ISSUE-36: Review requirement: R-FormatMachineRead

dwbp-ISSUE-37: Change requirement's definition: R-FormatLocalise

dwbp-ISSUE-38: Review motovation for R-SelectHighValue

dwbp-ISSUE-39: Fix requirements with same description: R-LicenseMachineRead and R-ProvMachineRead


dwbp-ISSUE-40: Review R-Citable as a requirement for Data Usage

dwbp-ISSUE-41: Update Use Case #4 - OKFN Tranport WG

dwbp-ISSUE-42 (Closed data): Have we covered closed data? [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-43 (Connections): Connect UCR with BP etc [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-4: To add a matrix table to summarize UCs vs challenges/requirements

dwbp-ISSUE-5: Use Case #1 - Include reference

dwbp-ISSUE-6: Use case #6 - Add technical challenges and make a link to ESWC2013

dwbp-ISSUE-7: Fix use cases without challenges or requirements

dwbp-ISSUE-8: Include more metadata about the use cases

dwbp-ISSUE-9: Remove the name of contributors

Feedback on "Best Practice for Web Data URI" and DURI

Feedback on the Best Practices Guidelines

Invitation: NuData: Open Data and OpenSaas Presentation (Jun 13 11:00 AM EDT in USA Toll Free: 888-426-6840,,70360994#)

ISSUE-44: Bernadette to review existing vocabularies (like to learn from them for our vocabularies

Meeting agenda for Thursday 6-26-2014 Vocabulary Telecon 12pm Eastern Time

Minutes from today's vocabularies call

Minutes from today's vocabularies call - issue handling

missed opportunity

NuData Presentation

Products in Issue tracker

Publication request: FPWD of UCR for data on the Web BP

Quality and granularity vocab - note page



Short URI request

Template for the Editor's Draft

Two blog posts that may be of interest

Use Cases FPWD published

Using Tracker, issues outstanding on UCR

Vocabs call info

W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Use Case Draft

White House Open Data Roundtable June 18th

White House Roundtable on Open Data

Who's going to the OpenKnowledge festival in July ?

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