Using Tracker, issues outstanding on UCR

Hi all,

As your inbox shows, Bernadette and Deirdre are using the issue tracker 
to help make sense of all the comments made on the UCR doc. That adds up 
to 39 issues to resolve on the doc and, according to the resolution 
passed last week [1] they need to work through those as best they can 
before publication. So you can see why we're not going to publish tomorrow.

I'm afraid that standards development is all about this kind of detailed 
work and Hadley will probably thrash through those issues on Friday. 
Some of the issues are editorial and will be dealt with easily but some 
are more detailed and probably need input from the group.

Incidentally, when we do publish our work, especially when we get to 
Last Call, we have a separate tool that we can use to track all the 
comments received, the WG's resolution of those comments etc. (see [2]) 
- but that's not what we're doing here.

I have been through each of the issues and assigned them to the UCR doc 
and, following Antoine's advice, have also added the two vocabularies as 
products to the tracker. E-mail discussions about the vocabularies 
should be held on the specific vocab list.




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Received on Wednesday, 4 June 2014 11:10:08 UTC