RE: Feedback on "Best Practice for Web Data URI" and DURI


You are right I will change the abbreviation to DAURI. The paradox is that I am well aware of the masinter-duri work as Larry Masinter as je is a friend of mine and we were collaborating at the time. By the way, he has done a lot of work on data; for example
  A System for Long-Term Document Preservation

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Subject: Feedback on "Best Practice for Web Data URI" and DURI

Dear all,

Just a quick feedback on

The document states "The objective of Web Data URI (DURI) is to address URI for plain data resources as opposed to URI for web sites with rich aesthetics and dynamic data." and re-use the acronym "DURI" at several places but, in fact, DURI is already the name used by the IETF for dated URIs:

Considering the very close proximity between that the IETF defines and what we do I would strongly recommend to find another short name for Web Data URIs.
Besides, it could be interesting to take a closer look at this DURI for both the versioning and preservation documents.


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