Re: Minutes from today's vocabularies call - issue handling


Thanks for the minutes!
And thanks Hadley for chairing and Eric for volunteering for the next one...

I have one question on the minutes though: what has been decided for the issue tracking?
I'm not sure I understand the problem about keeping track of the provenance of comments, once we decide that the issues are connected to

Personally I would use the good old practices from the first group I've been into:

when we received comments, we indeed noted who sent them, but the most adequate tracking was made by just making sure we would cite the original email from the commenter on the public list:

Actually I would recommend that only the editors would raise (in the sense of 'creating the issue in the issue tracker') issues about the vocabulary products, even if these issues are originally raised by someone else.

Also, an issue should be raised only during a call.



On 6/12/14 7:07 PM, Hadley Beeman wrote:
> Thanks all, for a great discussion!
> Eric Stephan has agreed to chair the next one on the 26th.
> Minutes are here:
> Cheers,
>     Hadley

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