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2nd try: clarification for "remote procedure" facet

A colorful press release

ANN: IBM-SOAP v1.2 released

ANN: service specification language for SOAP (and others) available via alphaWorks

ANN: Version 1.1 of IBM-SOAP released


Expressing RSS in ICE (HTML Document)

Extensibility & Security

How can I join?

IETF draft on appropriate uses of HTTP

Is SOAP Stable?

Is WAP the Web?

LDAP through XML-RPC

MS sends in lawyers to stop 'open' SOAP info getting out

New protocol: XIOP (Corba GIOP using XML1.0 +HTTP1.1)

Press Release -GASX

Q: directory of currently available services


Question re: XML embedding in XML-dist protocols

Releasing XIDL - IDL for SOAP proposal

reminder:Celebrity Chat at 8:00 PM EST

RFC: XML structure for asking a server for log info

Send me your SOAP news

soap.weblogs.com updating again

the MASP XML protocol

The SOAP 1.1 spec is now a W3C submission

tool for learning SOAP (and other TCP protocols) available in IBM-SOAP

Update of SOAP entry in protocol matrix

Web RPCs Considered Harmful

WWW9 XML dist. app. links

XAP: New entry for protocol matrix

XAP: proposed protocol to declare server schemas

XML and ASN.1

XML protocol comparison

XML protocol security

XML Protocols Shakedown

XML-oriented protocols, RDF and GINF

Your press comments

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