Re: XML Protocols Shakedown

Andrew Layman wrote:

> Help me, please, to understand how this is specific to XML schemas.

it is'nt ...

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> >Is there something specific about XML schemas that raises a security issue?
> Well, there is always that security uh-oh response to the idea of purposely
> setting up a corporate Web site to allow anyone on the Internet to invoke
> processes on their servers
> Ex. - i set up a site to sell TVs. A server behind the firewall has an
> object called Order with a method called ProcessOrder(Properties Customer,
> Boolean HasBeenPaidFor). That object has a SOAP interface. Now anyone in the
> entire world who knows the URL and interface can order themselves a big
> screen TV
> Of course, i can try to protect that. Look at the poster's IP address, pass
> authentication tickets, use non-standard ports, etc. But history tells us
> that if you claim no one can break in, someone will find a way
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