Re: XML protocol comparison

Here's an example of why ICE doesn't work as a syndication standard (with
apologies to Microsoft for using this particular story as an example).
Scroll to the bottom of the article:

The writer says: "What's your take? Is Microsoft muddying the standards
waters, or acting within its rights? Talk back below and let me know what
you think."

Look around and there's no place to comment. That's because the story was
written for ZDNet, where presumably the readers have the opportunity to
comment. On Yahoo, there's no place to comment, and even if there were, the
comments would be disjoint from the comments on ZDNet, and perhaps a dozen
other places this story appeared.

A different model would for ZDNet to pay Yahoo for delivering a reader to
the one and only place the story appears. That way if there were some
excellent comments everyone could see them, and further, if there were more
details to be added to the story, the author could add them.

To me, this is a perfect illustration of the web being turned into email,
and failing. The web is the web, pass around pointers, not stories.


Received on Saturday, 20 May 2000 05:19:12 UTC