Send me your SOAP news

I've started a new weblog covering SOAP.

I need news, so if you ship something new related to SOAP, please let me

The site is getting reasonably good flow, it's the top link in the permanent
links section on

I'm also watching the SOAP mail list hosted at, and will echo
anything that's announced there, and am also pointing to messages that mark
in some way, milestones for the development of SOAP. It's good that this
mail list is archived. I also point to the mail list from the template on
the site, so it's not in any way trying to replace the list, having a
companion website is always a good idea, imho.

One more thing, -- the SOAP weblog is fully scriptable via xml-rpc, and will
soon be scriptable via SOAP. That's supported by the web app that runs the
site, Manila, all our sites have this interface, which is probably the
richest scripting interface built on XML and HTTP at this point in time.


Dave Winer

Received on Monday, 1 May 2000 11:55:30 UTC