Re: XML protocol security

Andrew writes:

>What exactly did IBM demonstrate? Why is this a hole in SOAP?
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>Not clear if you are using it this way. SSL will not
>fix this.
>IBM showed a great example of SOAP holes  in the 
>W3C conference (WWW9) today.

*IBM* did not demonstrate anything. An IBM employee (Andrew Donoho) showed an
example of communicating between two browsers by sharing some parts of the 
DOM. Either I didn't grok the demo or I personally don't see a SOAP level
security flaw with what he showed .. it showed that DOM access was what
browsers were all about and that you could share the DOM between two browsers
using SOAP as a transport. (He was using a SOAP 1.0 implementation, but I
don't think that's relevant.)

What Andrew showed in no way forms an *IBM* position on SOAP security. At
the same time, neither does this message! I personally think that a security
layer above SOAP is necessary and useful, however, I disagree that SOAP itself
is flawed because it doesn't come in with built-in security.


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