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Great BBQ SAUCE RECIPE Dave@w3.org (Thursday, 29 March)

Lots of available US Citizens for contract or perm. Mike Sparks (Tuesday, 27 March)

Fwd: Re: Xpointer Questions Eve L. Maler (Monday, 26 March)

Subcontractus.com your jobs! Allen (Wednesday, 21 March)

Typing mistake in example in XLink TR (HTML) Pongtawat Chippimolchai (Tuesday, 20 March)

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Internet Radio at its Funniest - Khaha.com khaha@flashcom.net (Friday, 16 March)

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Qualify your candidates with testing software!! Waheed Subhani (Thursday, 15 March)

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Approved Subcontractor Program Allen (Monday, 5 March)

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href optional in simple links? Bob DuCharme (Monday, 26 February)

["Eve L. Maler" <eve.maler@east.sun.com>] Re: question - XPointer namespace? Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 23 February)

Xpointer Questions Mark Polman (Friday, 23 February)

Protect Your Interest Norrthern.Telesense@w3.org (Friday, 23 February)

Protect Your Interest Northren.Telesense@w3.org (Thursday, 22 February)

technical doubts in XLL Shankar B V (Thursday, 22 February)

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XPointer Question on Axes Polman (Sunday, 18 February)

Kostenloser Eintrag in top-window.de top-window (Friday, 16 February)

XLink and XPointer support in browsers AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Sunday, 11 February)

XPointer last call comment Carr, Wayne (Saturday, 10 February)

Rates are Coming Down 208 SteveWuber435989100@aol.com (Friday, 9 February)

location set vs. location list Elliotte Rusty Harold (Thursday, 8 February)

Web Hosting sales (Tuesday, 6 February)

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Buying a home? Self employed? Hard to qualify? 1245 homeloan1020@aol.com (Wednesday, 31 January)

allCLEAR BB02@proquis.com (Tuesday, 30 January)

Comments on XPointer (Last Call Working Draft) Michael Dyck (Tuesday, 30 January)

comments on XPointer C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (Monday, 29 January)

販促・営業のビジネス情報のご案内です listbankサービス (Friday, 26 January)

Cheap developers for your project available bcnfhgsd@mail.ru (Tuesday, 23 January)

News MQ Horacio Rocha Kapus (Tuesday, 23 January)

Regaring XLinks Minal Ferreira (Friday, 23 February)

type in xlink spec: xlink:role should be absolute URI? joe@agoraphoria.org (Tuesday, 23 January)

Re: Your List of Search Engines mehul_trivedi@yahoo.com (Sunday, 21 January)

Skihouse... info@globbalcomm.com (Saturday, 20 January)

typo in xlink pr joe@agoraphoria.org (Friday, 19 January)

Re: [Fwd: SVG & XPointer - When I write SVG code can I be sued?] Rigo Wenning (Thursday, 18 January)

XPointer WD 20010108 - location-set "error"? AndrewWatt2000@aol.com (Thursday, 18 January)

XPointer WD 20000108 - Suggested redrafting AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Thursday, 18 January)

SVG & XPointer - When I write SVG code can I be sued? AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Thursday, 18 January)

SVG & XPointer - An inconsistency? AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Thursday, 18 January)

GUARANTEED EXCELLENT CREDIT IN 30 DAYS ! respond-dept4243@elco.ru (Thursday, 18 January)

XPointer syntax Jeff Lansing (Wednesday, 17 January)

SOX and XML Asst Prof Donald M. Needham (Monday, 15 January)

minor comments for WD-xptr-20010108 Susan Lesch (Monday, 15 January)

RE; THANK YOU sarawho5544@arcticmail.com (Sunday, 14 January)

minor comments for PR-xlink-20001220 Susan Lesch (Saturday, 13 January)

Image Communications Inc.. info@globbalcomm.com (Friday, 12 January)

Image Communications Inc.. info@globbalcomm.com (Friday, 12 January)

hosting special Atlantis International, Inc. (Thursday, 11 January)

Patent terms unacceptable David E. Cleary (Thursday, 11 January)

Re: I saw your web site moreinfo9998@aol.com (Wednesday, 10 January)

Re: (Second) Last Call for XPointer 1.0 Jonathan Borden (Wednesday, 10 January)

XLink PR's errata of the use of xml:role attribute Yasuhiro Okui (Wednesday, 10 January)

New xmlns function Rick Jelliffe (Tuesday, 9 January)

A Curious and Interesting Opportunity!! marc5858@usa.com (Monday, 8 January)

Cable Catalog JMLcable.com@w3.org (Sunday, 7 January)

display: run-in Susan Lesch (Sunday, 7 January)

minor typos in PR-xmlbase-20001220 Susan Lesch (Saturday, 6 January)

Business proposal 'confidential' EMMANUEL KUKAH (Friday, 5 January)

La nueva economia puede mejorar la cuesta de enero Colectivos de compras (Friday, 5 January)

A decouvrir Promocanape@w3.org (Friday, 5 January)

[www-xml-linking-comments] <none> Srinivas, Santoshkumar (CORP, GEITC) (Wednesday, 3 January)

[www-xml-linking-comments] <none> Srinivas, Santoshkumar (CORP, GEITC) (Wednesday, 3 January)

Re: xlink:href on simple element in DTD Eve L. Maler (Tuesday, 2 January)

Re: title element in resource element Eve L. Maler (Tuesday, 2 January)

Re: XLink PR comments Eve L. Maler (Tuesday, 2 January)

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