Re: comments on XPointer

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your comments on the XPointer specification.  The Working 
Group has discussed them and produced the following resolutions:

At 04:17 PM 1/29/01 -0700, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen wrote:
>Attached please find some comments on the XPointer spec.
>They should be taken as reflecting the personal views of
>the author, not those of any WG or organization.

"The end of para 1 suggests that the extension facilities described here 
are to be used only with MIME types other than text/xml, application/xml, 
etc. If it were feasible (I bow to the considered opinion of the WG on 
this), I think it might be useful to allow extensions even in material 
shipped with these types. The example I have in mind is XML Schema. ...."

Not accepted.  While we are very sympathetic to your aims, the constraints 
imposed by W3C and IETF policies/infrastructure don't allow us to make 
changes in this area at this point.  The spec as written represents our 
best attempt to add flexibility where possible.

"For 'items comprising minimal conformance' read 'items comprised in 
minimal conformance' or 'items included in minimal conformance'."


"For the reference to IURIs you should probably now substitute a reference 
to IRIs, as defined by Masinter and Dürst's Internet draft." (two locations)


If you do not accept our resolution on any item, please let us know by 
responding to this message.  We are on a tight schedule, so please respond 
by 28 March.


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