XLink PR's errata of the use of xml:role attribute

I noticed that two samples of the use of xlink:role in XLink PR still uses
Non-URI notation!

The position of errata.
1) The 3rd sample of Section 4.
2) The 1st sample of Section 4.3.

In those samples, 'xlink:role="studentlist"' is used. It is obvious errata.

Looking at the former versions of XLink's spec, it seems that those two
samples remains as the 2000/02/21 version when xlink:role used

If it's not an error, other possibilies are that those sample assumes the
of xml:base as follows:

<outer-element  xml:base="http://example.com/">
<outer-element  xml:base="http://example.com/">

In this case, the attribute value of xlink:role expanded to

But there is no description about the use of xml:base in those two samples
I pointed out above. So, the current PR's two samples are incorrect because
xml:role should be URI reference.

Please correct those samples before XLink will be published as REC.

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Received on Wednesday, 10 January 2001 07:08:13 UTC