Re: XPointer last call comment

Hello Wayne,

Thank you for this comment on the XPointer specification.  The Working 
Group has discussed it and produced the following resolution:

At 04:48 AM 2/10/01 -0800, Carr, Wayne wrote:
>We are very concerned about the IPR situation in XPointer.   We don't think
>precedent should be set for the type of terms that are being required for
>IPR on XPointer.  The group should attempt to work around the patent before
>proceeding to  Candidate Recommendation.

The XML Linking Working Group is not the appropriate body to handle this 
issue.  It needs to be handled at the W3C Director level (as part of the 
disposition of a request, made by the WG, for proceeding to the next stage) 
and possibly by individual W3C members (should the spec proceed to PR and a 
vote).  We anticipate that the issue will be given due consideration as 
part of these processes.  Thus, we defer resolution to higher layers of W3C 

If you do not accept our resolution on any item, please let us know by 
responding to this message.  We are on a tight schedule, so please respond 
by 28 March.


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