your jobs!

We are pleased to announce you can now post an unlimited number of JOBS on your free account at  We highly recommend that each of your salespeople register separately and post their own jobs to avoid confusion. Please allow 24 hours before trying to fill jobs in order for our Primes to create them.


1) Select ALL SUBCONTRACTORS or JUST APPROVED SUBCONTRACTORS to be able to view and submit qualified candidates. 

2) Use our easy Job Template for VERY FAST job creation and all the OPTIONAL FIELDS you want: Rate Cap, Citizenship, Duration, Travel, Perm/Contract in addition to a free-form Job Description Field.

3) Your email address is never disclosed... -if you don't want to receive further resumes from a particular firm, just remove them from your Approved List!

4) Candidate submittals include contact information, rate and the formatted resume in MS-WORD ready for editing and forwarding to your direct client!

5) Reports section tracks your Jobs, Clicks, Resume Submittals and Approved Subcontractor Performance!

Allen, The Team

Received on Tuesday, 20 March 2001 20:29:12 UTC