Hi, my name is Dave and I have been a chef for many years.  I have a really terrific recipe for BBQ Sauce that has been passed down in my family for 4 generations.  I remember going to our church dinners and cookouts where my grandad did the cooking.  

	People would come from miles around to eat my grandads barbecued ribs and chicken.  Folks just adored his food.  Grandad would say the secret was in his sauce.  

Grandad's Hickory Smoked  Bar B Q Sauce   ( Mild, Medium and  Make Your Jowls Howl )  The best BBQ sauce you ever ate, Guaronteeed

Here are two more great tasting recipes that you can use with grandad's BBQ Sauce.

Grandad's dry BBQ Rub.  (Truly Great BBQ has to be pre-seasoned. This dry rub is what gives the meat that great southern BBQ Taste.)  

BBQ'd Shrimp ( A flavor so delightful you never ate shrimp like this before )

	My family and friends feel the same way as I do about these Wonderful Recipes.   If you would like to try these yourself send a $ 5.00 money order or check along with your e-mail address to:

	Dave Ackley
	PO Box  9081
	Springfield, Illinois,  62791   
Make check or money order payable to Dave Ackley.

	Thank You,

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