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Some comments on the draft TAG EME paper Mark Watson (Friday, 28 February)

draft of Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 24 February)

Goals for Shadow DOM review Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 20 February)

Comments on w3ctag/eme/ Henri Sivonen (Wednesday, 19 February)

WEIRDS and use of fixed URIs Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 19 February)

Capability URLs WD published Yves Lafon (Tuesday, 18 February)

Spec review for quota management, please review Domenic Denicola (Tuesday, 18 February)

2014-02-13 Minutes Konstantinov Sergey (Monday, 17 February)

Re: [webcomponents] Imperative API for Insertion Points Alex Russell (Sunday, 16 February)

Shadow DOM background reading Domenic Denicola (Thursday, 13 February)

Linking to publicly available material not infringement, CJEU rules Wendy Seltzer (Thursday, 13 February)

Re: A new HTTP response code say 209 Ashok Malhotra (Monday, 10 February)

Minutes for 6 Feb Daniel Appelquist (Friday, 7 February)

Packaging Reflections Jeni Tennison (Thursday, 6 February)

Capability URLs draft updated Jeni Tennison (Thursday, 6 February)

Capability URLs & Referer headers Jeni Tennison (Wednesday, 5 February)

Once more on techical aspects of DRM Konstantinov Sergey (Tuesday, 4 February)

Re: Fall back strategy for manifest Marcos Caceres (Tuesday, 4 February)

Re: Packaging on the Web Alex Russell (Sunday, 2 February)

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