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[Architecture] Device APIs: Javascript vs HTTP/REST client API interfaces - comment/feedback?

ACTION-501: Geolocation access control on a per site basis

ACTION-509 communicate with RDFa WG set to pending review

ACTION-536: TAG work on interaction

ACTION-604: TPAC Session on copyright and linking

Agenda for TAG F2F meeting: 13-15 September 2011

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 29 September 2011

Agenda for the TAG teleconference of 1 Sept 2011

Amazon Silk

Experimental SPDY support in Firefox

Fragids status report [partial]: ACTION-567

fragment support for data URIs

Google Model-Driven Views: a proposal for extending HTML and the DOM

Identifying Application State

ISSUE-50 Bilder, Geoff. Identify This! Identifiers and Trust.

Logging out from Facebook

Mime Types and Fragment IDs

Minutes for September 1 Telcon

More on SPDY & relationship to buffer bloat

naive question: why prefer absolute URIs to # URIs for linked data?

National Academies release science manual for judges

Notes on "Identifying Application State" 30 Aug 2011 Draft

Persistence at Sept 2011 TAG F2F

Proposed SWIG task forces on HTML Data, Web Schemas

Red herring Re: naive question: why prefer absolute URIs to # URIs for linked data?

TAG work on SPDY

TAG work on SPDY (was: More on SPDY & relationship to buffer bloat)

The TAG teleconference of 8 Sept 2011 is canceleld

Unapproved draft minutes of 13-15 Sept 2011 TAG F2F

Web Application Security Working Group Charter (ACTION-344)

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