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"HTML: The Markup Language" (draft attempt an "HTML producers" spec)

[widgets] Minutes from 30 October 2008 Voice Conference

[XRI] Cooler XRI

[XRI] XRI-as-Relative-URI proposal (ACTION-189 refers)

An HTML language specification

Call for Participation: Second International Workshop on Web APIs and Services Mashups (Mashups'08) at ICSOC 2008 – Sydney, Australia, December 1, 2008

Comments on HTML WG face to face meetings in France Oct 08

Draft (soon to be final) TAG telcon aenda for 13th November 2008

Draft minutes from TAG telcon of 2008-11-13 available

Draft Minutes from TAG Telcon of 6th November 2008 Available

Draft TAG Telcon Minutes for 16th October 2008

how to collaborate with the HTML WG (what works)

HTTP Link Header

Metadata discovery

Sketch of an idea to address widget/package addressing with fragID syntax and media-type defn.

TAG Resolution endorsing W3C Team Comment on the identifications of WS Transfer resources.

TAG Telcn Agenda, 6th Nov 2008: Content Transformation Guidelines; urnsAndRegistries-50; Webarch and WS; tagSoupIntegration-54; uriBasedPackageAccess-61; TPAC Followup; F2F Planning.

TAG Telcon Agenda for 13th Nov 2008: Content Transformation Guidelines;namespaceDocument-8; Dec F2F; Action Item Review

TAG Telcon Agenda for 20th Nov 2008: tagSoupIntegration-54; uriBasedPackageAccess-61; schemeProtocol-49; Safe Javascript; Dec F2F Planning; AOB

ZIP-based packages and URI references into them ODF proposal

ZIP-based packages and URI references within them, [widgets, uriBasedPackageAccess-61]

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