Re: Comments on HTML WG face to face meetings in France Oct 08

Elliotte Harold wrote:
>>> Up to the application. Feed that URL to any app you like. The app 
>>> defines what should be done with it. Feed it to a browser, you'll get 
>>> one thing. Feed it to an app that wants to do somethint else, you'll 
>>> get something else.
>> That's not acceptable from my point of view, basically.
> Doesn't matter. It's what happens anyway.

If the specification doesn't define parsing, sure.  If it does it can 
happen, but then the relevant implementations are non-compliant.

> The idea that the document producer has any ability or right to specify 
> the behavior of a consuming application is a fiction.

The idea that processing of data should be well-specified is not a 
fiction, though.  Clearly consuming applications can ignore the 
specification if they really want to.


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