RE: [widgets] Minutes from 30 October 2008 Voice Conference

Resolving the general topic of ZIP-based packages and URI references within them on the webapp mailing list doesn't seem practical, because those who need to review the package/URI issue are likely not interested in wading through the mass of other email on other unrelated topics within WebAPP WG.

I don't understand why setting up a separate mail list/archive/issue list on the specific topic is a lengthy process, it mainly requires the will to take the need for coherence seriously.

If resolving this in a timely fashion is important to you (as you seem to indicate by invoking "time scope") then perhaps you might want to respond more quickly.


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Hi Larry,
On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 3:01 PM, Larry Masinter <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think there is considerable interest in a broad community in the topic of
> ZIP based packages, specifically MIME types for them and intra-package URI
> references within them, and possibly for standardizing metadata as well.
> Procedurally, I don't think it is appropriate to attempt to resolve these
> issues in the WebAPP working group, if only because a number of the affected
> groups have little additional overlap with WebAPPS. I know the W3C TAG has
> discussed the URI issues at some point.  I'm not sure if the overhead of
> starting a new W3C working group focused specifically on this topic is too
> high, but if so, an IETF activity with W3C participation might be a way of
> getting broader participation, as well as getting additional IETF
> involvement in the MIME/URI issues.

Although I agree that starting an independent group might be a good
idea, I fear that the administrative overhead of getting everything
set up is beyond the time scope for the Widgets Work (which we want to
get to LC by end of this year). To keep the work moving forward, I
propose that interested parties continue to work with WebApps, through
our public mailing list, on the problem. We could continue to push for
an independent group and then migrate whatever gets done in WebApps to
a new group or spec.

WebApps will continue to work on the problem regardless. So I again
encourage people to work with us on the problem and put forward ideas
about how we could solve this.

Kind regards,

Marcos Caceres

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