Re: [widgets] Minutes from 30 October 2008 Voice Conference

Hi Larry,
On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 4:54 AM, Larry Masinter <> wrote:
> Resolving the general topic of ZIP-based packages and URI references within them on the webapp mailing list doesn't seem practical, because those who need to review the package/URI issue are likely not interested in wading through the mass of other email on other unrelated topics within WebAPP WG.

Valid point.

> I don't understand why setting up a separate mail list/archive/issue list on the specific topic is a lengthy process, it mainly requires the will to take the need for coherence seriously.

Sorry, my understanding was that your wanted to set up a separate
working group, which in my experience seems to take around 6 months.
Setting a up a separate mailing list seems like a great idea. Who do
we need to talk to to make this happen? Under which charter would this
work be done?

> If resolving this in a timely fashion is important to you (as you seem to indicate by invoking "time scope") then perhaps you might want to respond more quickly.

I'm sorry. I only got back three days ago from vacation from somewhere
far away from any internet connection. I'll try to be more prompt with
my responses in the future.

Kind regards,
Marcos Caceres

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