Re: ZIP-based packages and URI references within them, [widgets, uriBasedPackageAccess-61]

Hi Henry,
On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 9:39 AM, Henry Story <> wrote:
> On 25 Nov 2008, at 21:01, Dan Connolly wrote:
>> In the recent join TAG/WebApps ftf session, I learned that
>> a lot of that other stuff is not so unrelated.
>> (Marcos's slides are attached to those minutes thru
>> a rather indirect route, so here's a more direct link:
>> )
>> Software installation security policy requirements seem to dominate,
>> for the purpose of WebApp widgets. I was surprised to learn that
>> URIs using the scheme they have in mind aren't actually written down in
>> absolute form; they're sort of conjured up at run-time, and it
>> can lead to security/privacy problems if anybody else learns
>> about them. Are those requirements relevant to ebook scenarios?
> I don't think they are relevant to the Open Office scenario.
> There the main problem is just that we would like to use relative URIs for
> RDF inside the OpenOffice document package, and have a clear way of
> transforming those into full URIs, so they can then be merged with other
> information on the web.
> It seems that jar: urls both work quite well, and are well deployed in this
> case. They also have been used to what amounts to something similar to a
> widget, a java applet.
> Jar file formats are specified here:
> I found a Jar URLs syntax proposal here:
>> Oh... perhaps they are... I see earlier in this thread:
>> "I seem to recall that we used some sort of scheme during the processing
>> of a Mars document but didn't persist it in the file."

I guess the thing would then be to build on jar: and make sure that it
conforms to the URI Generic Syntax spec (and make sure it covers all
the use cases). If we build on jar:, we also need to specify how to do
the encoding to and from package to operating environment, etc.
Current jar/zip implementations make a mess of this [1], and that is a
real concern for WebApps from an i18n perspective.

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Marcos Caceres

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