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A protest against the proposed change(s) to RDF datatyping

ANN: New book: Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

application/rdf+xml type and assertions

away from my office

Clarification of Reification vs Quotation

Comment for PR-rdf-syntax-grammar-20031215


definition problem?: appending "#foo" without removing "#" from base URI

jeem,ef ,mwef w,gm m,rg ,er

Media types and assertions

minimizing the textual changes to RDF semantics

Model ships ......diferent conception.....beautiful !

old copies of the RDF semantics document now rendered invisible.

PC Shop

Please Join My group

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pls show outstanding dissent on Issue #rdfms-qname-uri-mapping

RDF Keys, or why RDF is lousy at metadata annotations

RDF Primer Comment: Links to Figures and their markup.

RDF Semantics: corrections

RDF Semantics: corrections(was: Re: RDF Semantics: two issues, connected to OWL)

RDF Semantics: two issues, connected to OWL

rdf-charmod-uris closed over objection [Fwd: IRI section needs too much testing to go in Fundamentals]

RFC 3023 reference in revised syntax PR

Unresolved issue re media type

Usage of literals in rdf-primer figure 1 and 5

Use cases for relative URIs as namespace names


Your legal expertise is very urgently needed!

Your Ship Has Come In! This Time You Are Not At The Airport!

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