Re: Operators are not explained


As usual, my compliments on your attention to detail.  The operator
you identified are all used by Wolfram Research in Mathematica.  Neil
Soiffer and Bruce Smith from Wolfram did most of the work on the
operator dictionary, and much of it was done at a fairly early stage
in preparing the MathML spec.  By contrast, people were working on the
character tables up until the last minute, and the majority of that
work was done by Patrick Ion of AMS/Math Reviews.  Though we tried our
very best to coordinate, I think you have found an area where we
simply failed:  There should be MML aliases and glyphs for the
Mathematica operators, and there aren't.

However, there is a table of Mathematica operators/character with
glyphs which can be used to at least partly sort it all out:

These two tables give all the WRI characters with glyphs in both the
Unicode assigned and private zones, along with some TeX and SGML
aliases.  There are descriptions, but in most cases, this is enough to
know what is intended.


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