Re: Charset and MathML


> The character data may consist of ASCII characters and MathML entities.
> And these are not my words
> (check MATML/REC-MathML/chapter2.html#sec2.3).
> But using entity names from ISOCYR1 is just like crazy.
> One page of ordinary Russian text will be 20K or more?
> I still don't know what to do.
> Kostya

Of course Kostya is correct -- using entity names for Russian text is
nuts.  However, I am not sure what to do either.  On possibility would
be to permit the CDATA in MathML to be Unicode instead of ASCII --
which I believe is what David Carlisle was assuming to be the case.  

On the other hand, what I believe the MathML WG was thinking was that
MathML isn't really set up to handle blocks of text in any language,
and from that point of view, putting Cyrillic characters in your
equations is no more difficult than using Greek characters.

As a developer, the one solution I do not like is thinking about
remapping the 8-bit section to anything other than Latin 1...


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