Re: 'Bevel' fraction

>Hello, All.
>Is there some way to produce 'bevel' fraction in MatML?
>(like 'a/b', but letters are smaller then regular and 'a' is located
>higher then 'b')
>If there is no simple way to do this I suggest that we add some
>attribute to <mfrac> and <divide> to make it possible.

I agree that the presentation tags should be able to handle this.
I am inclined towards the use of an attribute on <mfrac> (for version 2
of MathML), although a case could be made for a new presentation tag.

If you are trying to control presentation and using content tags, you
are missing the point of content tags.  Renderers are free to render
content tags anyway they choose; use <semantics>/<annotation> tags
if you insist on providing both semantics and presentation.

As you noted in some other mail, there are some attempts to control
some simple aspects of presentation in the content tags.  My personal
feeling is that this is one of the less thought out areas of MathML
and that you are likely to find that many renderers make only a token
attempt, if any, of dealing with these aspects of MathML... at least in
their initial versions.  If you are generating MathML, I strongly
recommend sticking to the "core" of MathML.

With that caveat aside, I think discussion of these fine points is very useful
and will greatly aid in cleanups for MathML V2.


Received on Wednesday, 12 August 1998 13:12:36 UTC