Re: Charset and MathML

---David Carlisle <> wrote:
> Use of unicode should make (most) different charsets unnecessary.
> the 8bit section matches latin1 so you don't see cyrillic there,
> but to use cyrillic, rather than switch code pages, you just use
> a different area of unicode (I was going to check which area exactly
> but my connection to's too slow today)
> (You could use the entity names from ISOCYR1, but from a Russian
> keyboard it would probably be more convenient to just have it set up
> enter unicode characters directly)
Hello, again.

The character data may consist of ASCII characters and MathML entities.
And these are not my words
(check MATML/REC-MathML/chapter2.html#sec2.3).
But using entity names from ISOCYR1 is just like crazy.
One page of ordinary Russian text will be 20K or more?
I still don't know what to do.


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Received on Tuesday, 11 August 1998 10:15:25 UTC