Re: New software coming soon

> A major problem is with entities. There are so many of them.
> Any volunteers to provide me with rendering engines to test the output?

You can test the output to some extent by using an sgml parser to parse
what you produce. You can use the DTD from the MathML report + the DTD's for
the entities from

Of course, that doesn't actually show you what the thing looks like.
(Or whether it matches the rules for mathml that are not expressed in
the DTD).  I have some dsssl that renders most of presentation mathml
and some (well just a couple of elements) parts of presentation mathml.
However like Kostya I want to sit on that for a little longer before
making it public. Using dsssl you can get jade to render the mathml to
rtf for word, or to tex, although of course, especially in the rtf case,
you don't necessarily have access to all the symbols to which you can


You need to make one change to the DTD in the report, otherwise it
doesn't parse: delete the line


<!ATTLIST mstyle 

I also made the following change (as I noted in an earlier msg on this list)

<!ENTITY % ContInPres "ci | cn  | apply  | fn | lambda | reln
                    | interval | list | matrix |matrixrow
                    | set | vector | semantics" > <!--dpc-->

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