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Re: &Space;

From: Robert Miner <rminer@geom.umn.edu>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 09:35:01 -0500 (CDT)
Message-Id: <199808051435.JAA10135@porthos.geom.umn.edu>
To: davidc@nag.co.uk
CC: www-math@w3.org
Hi David,

I have been wrestling with the character tables in chapter 6 myself,
so at least I have an opinion on your question, if not a definitive

In my view, &Space; should mean a space character, and therefore the
description is in error:

> Entity name  Unicode Description
>  &Space;     0020    one em of space in the current font

WebEQ treats &Space; as an amount of space between a ThinSpace and a
MediumSpace (for whatever that is worth, since WebEQ doesn't use the
dimensions suggested for those space entities either!) and the Design
Science MathType -> MathML translator that is currently in beta
testing also treats #0020 as a space character.

> I am currently producing them as required by running the following emacs
> lisp over the html files (the giff-less ones). But If there is a
> standard reference set that could be used, that would be better.

Thanks for posting your code.  I tried it for fun, and it worked fine
-- though I don't know enough SGML to know the difference.  I don't
know of any existing SGML entity declarations for the chapter 6
tables, and remember a conversation with Stephen Buswell in which we
hoped that we would be forgiven for not preparing them and including
them in the MathML spec, since they could be generated fairly
automatically from the tables.  

Consequently, I suspect that if you finish preparing such tables, and
are in a postition to publish them freely, there are many people who
would be grateful.  We could certainly incorporate/link them from the
W3C Math site.

--Robert Miner
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