Re: New software coming soon

Bill, Kostya,

> Does any one have some _ready_to_use_ translation tool from TeX/LaTeX
> to MathML?

I certainly agree th answer is "no", but it is a lot less "no" than
when Bill first asked the question 3 months ago.  Ross Moore has put a
lot of work into adapting LaTeX2HTML to generate MathML, and Sebastian
Rahtz and Eitan Gurari have been working on adding MathML/XML support
to TeX4ht.

I think I posted these URLs before, but just in case:

I admit these packages are not "ready_to_use" yet, but they are far
enough along to emphatically dispel the impression that they are

In another 3 months, I think the answer will be "yes".


Received on Tuesday, 18 August 1998 11:17:27 UTC