Frames - does anyone like them?

There have been a couple of comments about Frames recently 
(embedded within messages headed Re: what happened to align=justify?).  

Am I unusual in disliking these?  Frames are so often stuffed 
up by the programmer.  And it seems to me that they are really 
something of a throw-back to pre-window days - remember the early 
spreadsheets that took over your whole screen but kept a menu 
bar at the top?  and remember those image processing systems that 
allowed you to divide the graphics terminal up into panes?  

I thought that these kind of ideas went away when it became possible 
to open multiple windows on the same graphics screen, overlap 
or tile them, tear-off menus, etc.  While I can see that sometimes 
it might be convenient to have a menu or contents list available all 
the time, wouldn't it be better to work towards something that used 
a more modern interface?  Or at least restrict them to the BANNER 
(if it ever arrives?).  

(As an aside, I think that Sun's OpenLook interface was much 
more consistent than Motif, and particularly liked the push-pins 
that allowed you to keep a window or menu on screen if you wanted.  
Shame it lost.  After two years use I still haven't spotted a 
consistent pattern in what the three mouse buttons do in Motif.)
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