Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Simon Cox wrote:

> Am I unusual in disliking these?

Apparently not here.

I like them better than not. When used with a graphical
index/contents list of fixed size, they can make a site more easily
navigable, and they're handy with JavaScript for maintaining control
of the window.

Not well-implemented, IMO. At first look I thought "[expletive
forgotten]! Why all these arbitrary limitations?" MSIE 3 added one
wished-for enhancement: zero borders. But apparently '0' has been
redefined by MS. There's still a 2-pixel gray line between frames.

> ...wouldn't it be better to work towards something that used a 
> more modern interface?  Or at least restrict them to the BANNER...

The interface style is a function of the GUI. The browser will use
the API of same. You can open additional windows with JavaScript. But
although you can size them, you can't position them, nor can you give
them a keep-on-top property. Another case of arbitrary limitations.

Banner is simply a more restrictive tiled frame. Am I unusual in
disliking calls for restrictions?

David Perrell

Received on Tuesday, 20 August 1996 18:03:47 UTC