Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

F. E. Potts wrote:
> > David Perrell may be onto something here, so, risking his
> > demonstrated tendency towards uncalled-for sarcasm and flames (an
> > example of which can be found at the top of this message), I would
> > like to ask him to take a look at my frame page

David Parrell answered:
> When you respond to a description of a problem viewing a framed site
> with "We wouldn't be having this discussion of frames if more frame
> pages were as successful as this one is," sarcasm is apt. Any
> perceived flaming is unintentional.

Fair enough.  I am often too fast on the trigger. :-)

Walter's site did seem to work well for me when I visited it, and it
was only later that, on closer inspection, I discovered that the mailto
had been obscured.  This thread is causing me to seriously wonder if
frames do not have a fatal flaw in their current implementation, a flaw
that requires serious study and repair prior to further use.  For if
frames will not work reasonably across graphics platforms, what value
is there in using it?

> As for your site, I suspect I'm seeing it as intended. The tables
> look fine, and the differences between MSIE and NSN aren't
> significant. The IMG bleeds off the bottom, but the home page link
> text is visible. IMHO, the bottom frame has too little content for
> the full width you've given it.

I probably should remove the galaxy icon and replace it with a text
navigation aid to home, illustrations, and the noframe page.  That way
it would at least scale reasonably well.

> Personally, I don't see much advantage to frames as a navigation aid
> unless at least part of the index/TOC remains accessible throughout
> the site. I also like the picture on your noframes page.

Agreed.  That's why I did those pages the way I did.  From any page
within the entire book, the user is only one click away from the TOC.

As to the images, you no doubt noticed I did not place them within any
text pages, but just provided links.  This was done so those who do not
want to be bothered with images don't have to mess with them.

> All questions of style aside, "Guide to Bush Flying" looks like an
> excellent book and it's generous of you to publish it on the web.
> Your site is dreamland for this smog-eaten cynic. (Shot of angler
> landing 30lb char would be nice addition.)

Thank you.  I appreciate your input.  The whole site is sorta my
"returning to the net..."  An old fashioned attitude, I admit, in these
days of commerce and get-rich-quick on the web, but I am too old to
change. :-)

But you are right: the site does need the addition of an angler landing
a 30lb char; hope one comes my way some day. :-)



Received on Tuesday, 27 August 1996 14:19:47 UTC