Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Stephanos Piperoglou wrote:
> Banner is a very seperate implementation because all "frames"
> displayed are in *the same HTML document*.

Thanks for the clarification. In the case of a navigation bar I would
prefer having all content in the same document and not scripted.
However, the BANNER proposal as I saw it was limited to a single top
strip. We need an element that can be aligned to any edge, have a
background specified, and be used more than once on a page.

Hmmm. Microsoft's currently-crippled IFRAME has opening and closing
tags. If IFRAME took inline content, had HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes,
allowed independent background settings...and if all graphical
browsers supported both IFRAME and CSS...this surely would not be

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 21 August 1996 20:24:53 UTC