Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

John Bro, InterSoft Solutions, Inc wrote:
> > Urg. It shows how difficult it is to select which browsers are
> > frame aware and which aren't. Even Netscape fails to do it for
> > their own browsers.

Benjamin Franz replied:

> It's easy - if you bother to use <noframes> instead of playing user
> agent games. If a browsers understands frames it gets the frames - if
> it doesn't, it gets the <noframes> content.. 

There are a few folks around who don't much like frames ;-), so a site
which wishes to be helpful to its users will give them the option to
choose the interface (frames or noframes) they prefer.  This option I
have provided on my site, and the logs are revealing.

It seems that around 70% of my visitors with frame-aware UAs choose the
frame interface, and most of them stick with the interface as they move
from chapter to chapter and illustration to illustration.  And yes,
there have been many positive comments about the site, though most of
them relate to the content rather than the implementation (which is the
way it should be -- the goal is to make the site as easy for the
visitor to use and navigate as possible).

It seems to me that a site using <noframes> to force the issue with its
visitors is the one "playing user agent games."



Received on Wednesday, 21 August 1996 16:40:07 UTC