Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> Unfortunately, no matter what I do with ROWS=, there's no mechanism
> specifying "size row to content" -- only pixels or % of window. :/
> Hello, Netscape? Maybe size of -1 to autosize row to content? I
don't care
> if the window has to be redrawn to accomplish it...

The style sheet proposal
( would solve this
problem. You could size both font and frames in the same unit of

Too bad NS wasn't able to include stylesheet support in 3.0. You'd at
least have the option of setting font size in pixels.

BTW, when I wrote that the bottom frame on your page was "spacey" I
didn't realize there was a mailto in there (I looked at the source
after reading Mr. Bro's message). The mailto is cropped out on my
Win95 system using both MSIE and NSN.

David Perrell

Received on Sunday, 25 August 1996 16:35:42 UTC