Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

At 07:42 AM 8/22/96 PDT, Fisher Mark wrote:
>If the document is well-suited and well-designed for frames, in my 
>experience they can be a great navigational help.  Netscape's site is pretty 
>good in that regard.  I have not used frames yet on my own pages, but I also 
>only recently started using forms and tables, as I wanted to wait until the 
>vast majority of browsers supported those features  (my first pages were 
>designed for Tom Bruce's Cello browser back during the CGI 1.1 development 
>period, if that gives you any idea to their antiquity).

Frames have their uses. But I wonder if they should be in _HTML_. Whether to
use frames or not is basically a design question, not  content question. So
"frames" are good, but <FRAME> is bad. In other words, Frames should be
specified in style sheets.

Does the [CSS Layout] specification do everything that those who use FRAME
need? If not, what needs to be added?

 Paul Prescod

[CSS Layout] 

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