Re: Frames - does anyone like them?

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> > > and my new AppleScript OSAX page
> > > <> only fills
> > > the main frame with its own categories and nothing else.

David Perrell wrote:
> > I needed to scroll the top frame to see the header for the second.
> > Yet the bottom frame is very spacey.

Walter Ian Kaye replied:
> Odd -- it's just the opposite on my system! Here I've got the bottom
> frame tight, and the top frame spacey. Can anyone explain how that
> can be?

For what it's worth,
<> works beautifully
with my copy of Netscape 3.0 (Solaris 2.4) using a 7.25'x7.25" viewing
area.  A very successful page, IMHO. :-)

When running a test resize of the viewing area, the page worked fine
from full monitor size (20") down to 5"x5"; below a 5" width the bottom
frame needed a scrollbar so as not to lose the "Go" button.

All in all, I find this page to be a fine example of how frames should
be designed so as to be reasonably independent of monitor size.  IOW,
this page can handle a lot of user abuse before things start to get out
of hand.

We wouldn't be having this discussion of frames if more frame pages
were as successful as this one is.



Received on Saturday, 24 August 1996 15:31:44 UTC