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"fi" ligatures etc.

&http-last-modified; (crazy idea of the day)

(no subject)

/../ in an http URL

12-21-95 INSERT draft

<p> ... </p>

<p> is a container (was: When to use <p></p>)


<PAGE> proposal

<PAGE> proposal (A new idea)

A belated introduction

A lurker speaks up...

A lurker speaks up.../ HTML Reference

Arabic text alignment

archives and FAQ ?

Backlink service: HTML check cited 10000 times



cgi-bin & cgi-src

ContentS of HTML Containers

Dashes (Was: Wish List for New Spec)

Documenting DIV [was <PAGE> proposal ]

draft-siedman-clientsideimagemap [was: How'd they do that. ]

Endorsement of Hannah's HTML reference [was A lurker speaks up... ]

Extension to <BQ>, etc.

Font inside Imagemaps


Forms and scrolled lists


FYI: HTML document of HTML2.0 DTD updated

gif search

gifs on web page

How to make multiple Space characters in HTML?

How'd they do that.


HTML 3 DTD? [was: frames ]

HTML DTD question & comment

HTML Editor adapted for the visually impaired:

HTML Editors for Visually Impaired Users

HTML Publishing : cooperative sites wanted !

HTML Publishing [was: Lurker self-introduction ]

HTTP dialogs



IMG and FIG?

IMG and FIG? -Reply

INS, DEL and Collaborative Document Design

Issues On Outdated documents

Issues On Outdated documents -Reply

keyword search in homepage

landscape HTMLs

links and cgi-bin output

Lurker self-introduction

Meta Tag Draft - New version.

MIME and the addition of .exe files

Need HTML Viewer for local fles - Please Help


On-the-fly conversion...

online SGML catalog registry

partial URLs ?

partial URLs ? (was

partial URLs ? (was <p> ... </p>)

Problems converting Latin1 to HTML

Questioning MAP (was RE: How'd they do that.)

Referencing orginal documents, When to use <p></p>

Revision and Markup, continued

Revision information for HTML documents

Specifying style notation in <link>

style sheet scalability (was: Specifying style notation in <link>)

tables (fwd)

URLs - Query

Using server-side includes from CGI scripts

Welcome to www-html [was: A lurker speaks up... ]

When to use <p></p>

Wish List for New Spec

Working Together on www-html [was: A belated introduction ]

www in URL's??

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