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6 April telecon additional feedback on "Ra11y Matrix"

[For Review] 2.1 Updates to How to Meet WCAG 2 (Quickref)

[for review] WCAG 2.1 at a Glance changes

[fyi] Post about EOWG's work

Anyone driving to tomorrow's meeting from around Wyndham?

Denis: Responsibility Matrix (was RE: EOWG - Work for this Week and Survey)

EOWG - 06 April Meeting Agenda Posted

EOWG - 15 June Teleconference Agenda

EOWG - 20 April Teleconference Agenda

EOWG - 24 May 2018 Teleconference 6:00 pm ET

EOWG - 26 April Agenda Posted

EOWG - Complete Requirements Review

EOWG - Friday Agenda Posted

EOWG - In place of 07 June Meeting

EOWG - No 04 May Meeting

EOWG - No 10 May Meeting

EOWG - No Meeting 12 April

EOWG - Open Survey Reminder

EOWG - Reminder, No Friday Teleconference

EOWG - Work for this Week & Weekly Survey

EOWG - Work for this Week and Survey

EOWG - Work for this Week and Weekly Survey

EOWG - Work for this Week Updated

EOWG will not meet this week

EOWG Work for this Week and Agenda - prep needed

Free MOOC on "Inclusive Design for Online Education."

Join editorial group for WCAG 2.1 new Understanding docs

Minor change for review - capitalization

Minor change for review - designing tips example

New WAI website and revised resources

People who use the Web - translation

Persona quotes for 2.1 SCs

Redesign ready to use [was: WAI Website Redesign Beta for Review]

Revisions for review - Training Suite

Stakeholder Job Stories for Accessibility Guidelines

Summaries updated

Teach Access Curriculum Development Awards application now available!

Thanks EO for coming to Austin

TPAC 2018 registration now open

WAI Site Redesign & 6 April telecon information

WAI website redesign preview available

WCAG 2.1 is a Web Standard "W3C Recommendation"

WCAG 2.1 updates to EOWG Resources

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